Duraguard work closely with Australia’s most reputable material manufacturers and suppliers to provide our clients with the best available solutions for their project requirements.
Duraguard guarantee our systems meet & exceed all applicable Australian standards and manufacturer requirements, providing our clients with durable materials and manufacturer backed warranties ensuring the best possible service life for all of the systems we install.

Some of the areas we may be of service are:

• Waterproofing membrane systems and leak prevention treatments
• Epoxy flooring and decorative finishes
• Concrete spalling repair
• Protective coatings for chemical & sewer environments.
• Tank & bund linings
• Resin injection systems for leaking cracks or structural crack repair
• Carbon fibre reinforcement
• Concrete resurfacing
• Facade coatings and decorative finishes
• Slab jacking / lifting with cementitious grouts and expanding polyurethanes.
• Soil stabilisation.
• Acid sulphate soil protection for concrete and masonry.
• Pressure grouting – cementitious and epoxy grouts.
• Abrasive blasting
• High pressure water blasting
• Floor levelling
• Pool coatings
• Paint removal including lead based paint.
• Vehicle and pedestrian trafficable coating systems.
• Expansion and control joint repairs and sealing.
• Crack repair systems.
• Concrete sealing.